Composer Block – Time for the next phase

It has become apparent to me that I have nothing else to give in a musical sense for my upcoming album, Fair Gemstone. I have sat here countless times over the past few weeks at my studio PC trying to bring about a new song or two but nothing is coming to me. It happens now and then but usually not for this long. Instead of looking at this as a negative impact, I’m realizing instead that I have given this album all I could from a composing perspective, and that is quite a positive thing.

So officially, the next phase of the album has begun: post production. Phase 1 of post production – where I go back to the songs I’ve composed so far and make little production tweaks (length, sound, tonal balance, and final unmasetered mix of each song). After that will be phase 2 which consists of the final songs selection for the album (I have many to choose from, but some will not make it to the album – bonus tracks anyone?). Phase 3 is the mastering process of each song and after that is the administrative work (1. Copyright, 2. Distribution 3. Album Release).

For now, welcome to Phase 2!


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