An update of sorts…

Yes, it’s been a while for sure. About a year and a half since I last posted, actually. Well, life got in the way, but in a good way. I’ve taken on a new hobby in that time which took more time than I imagined. However, I ‘ve finally reached a place late last year where I am able to achieve balance. And this means…I’ve been working on the album, and I owe it to my friend Scott who gave me an eye-opening talk on a Vegas visit in October. Since then it’s been about making time, this year it’s about balance.

Now, when I say I’ve been working on the new album, I should mention that I mean I am readying the tracks for mastering. The songs are done, right now it’s about final mixdowns, exporting stems and getting them all nice and ready to be sent off for mastering. October was a┬áreal eye-opener. That night I went to my hotel room, queued up my songs and critiqued what needed work and what didn’t. Since then I made the final selections of what will go on this album and what won’t. So far I am pleased with the outcome. Thanks for hanging in there, whoever you are, and I understand if a lot of you gave up. But, this is the year the album comes together.


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