Now Available Everywhere: Fair Gemstone

I am thrilled to present you with my new album, Fair Gemstone.

To purchase via iTunes, go here.

To listen for free on Spotify, go here.

Or, listen below via Bandcamp. Purchase also available via Bandcamp, Amazon MP3, and Google Music.

Fair Gemstone is an album of enigmatic, chill out, ethnic fusion/world music. All of these subgenres were balled into one “New Age” category in the 90’s (although little of the music had to do with the “New Age” spiritual belief). This music was ushered into the mainstream by very popular as albums like Pure Moods, and Instrumental Moods and with the addition of PBS broadcasting concerts by Yanni, Kitaro and others, many people who were never exposed to this musical realm got a prime sampling.

Fair Gemstone is a perfect companion album to artists such as Enigma, Deep Forest, Enya, Cusco, Massive Attack, Dead Can Dance, Yanni, Cafe Del Mar, Delerium, and Adiemus just to list a few (well 10, actually). These are the artists who inspired this album.

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