I’m a composer, producer, and musician whose genre can be best described as “Contemporary Instrumental.”

My composing endeavors began in early 2000 when under the artist name of LoneSaint I started uploading individual tracks to, which at the time was for unsigned artists. My first song, “The Look Within” became featured as the Mood Music song of the week. Soon afterward I was featured as Best New Artist in the Mood Music category. My following releases also gained recognition, and as a result, I was featured as part of Japanese publication Takarajima Magazine’s ‘Best of MP3’ article which prompted me to reach single song downloads totaling over 8 million.

In 2005, I worked on a concept album, Spiritual Ambience. It was based on spiritual meditation and featured electronic elements. As this was a new direction for me, I uploaded 3 of the tracks to (under the artist name of OneSaint) to test the waters. Because of those tracks, I became the recipient of GarageBand awards including two wins for Best Keyboards, two wins for Best Mood, one for Best Beat (yes Virginia, there really was a Best Beat award) and also a three-time winner of the Track of the Day award one for each song, respectively.

In 2011, I released the album “Significance.” Significance is more of a musical scrapbook rather than an album. The tracks that comprise Significance were recorded over a period of 5 years as significant events occurred in life, I didn’t have an album in mind when I wrote these songs, but each song has a special meaning to me, in many ways they are musical memoirs of my life from 2005 to 2010.

2012 saw the release of an electronic album, ‘In Transit.’ In Transit was composed and recorded while riding on the A Train in NYC. The entire album was composed on an iPod touch using various music-making apps. I never had so much fun during my commute to/from work than I did when I made that album. I kept it completely natural to the apps I used and didn’t add anything in my home studio to it except for some mastering. It really does capture the ups and downs of the NYC subway commute.

In 2013, I  released an orchestral/film-score album: ‘The Orchestral Project.’ That album is the culmination of a lifelong dream. I never thought I’d be able to compose for an orchestra, and it was an immense challenge to myself and all I thought I knew. It was years in the making, years. In fact “In Transit” was composed/recorded while I was working on The Orchestral Project and in a fraction of the time. Looking back on The Orchestral Project, I am jubilant with the result, and I am always going to look back at it with a smile. Of course, the next phase is to have a live orchestra play some of these songs, but that’s on the bucket list.

In 2017 I returned to my roots. A more enigmatic, seductive and mysterious style of music reminiscent of Enigma/Deep Forest and Delerium. The album is called Fair Gemstone and will be released mid-2017.

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