Updates from the Studio


I am excited to tell you that the release of Fair Gemstone is imminent. For more, see this blog post.


As I type this, I couldn’t be more excited. A majority of the tracks are being sent to the mastering engineer I selected, Barry Gardner of Safe and Sound Mastering. Barry has years upon years of experience with sound engineering and eight years of mastering on a full-time basis. Barry’s praises from his clients are a prime example of his work. I had thought I would master the album myself, but that isn’t quite my forte, and I don’t have the proper room for such work. It is important that I go through this album right, so I’m hiring someone with much more experience than myself. Looking forward to Barry’s work! In January I said the album was definitely happening this year, and we are right on target!


Ironic that a year ago I posted about balancing my time but haven’t worked on the album much since. Well, this time I nailed it. It’s about making time, not finding it. That venture got off the ground, but I had no idea what was ahead that year. Now, with a year of experience with that venture–I know how to find the time. The album is indeed happening this year.


Happy New Year! It seemed as though my music composing world has been put on hold after taking the helms of a new venture. Now that the venture is off the ground, I have found a way to balance my time between my day job, the venture, and my music. As of last week, I began making tweaks to the album lineup, getting each song ready for mastering. It’s good to be focusing on music again!


I have completed the composing portion for the album. Phase 1 of post production is next.


So, I finished the song that I started from the 5/5 update below. That was fast! Then, sure enough, another song begins. I’m running with it and really enjoy the vibe it has. I can’t wait to hear what it turns out to be. I was fortunate enough to spend a good chunk of the day composing in pajamas.

Composing in Pajamas

Composing in Pajamas


Happy Cinco de Mayo! I have finished production on the song from the 4/15/15 video below. As soon as I finished that one, a new song took life. It’s really mellow yet has a Soundscapes feel to it. I like where this song is going so far.


Adding lead to a little something I’m working on for the new album.


This is my new “Updates from the Studio” page. Any time I work on anything for the new album; I’ll update my notes right here.
I started this album about…over a year ago. I have so far, many songs to choose from and some still being composed/recorded. My Studio is in a recording mode, and until I get my acoustic panels, the mastering process can not begin. I definitely want to do this album right. Now that I’ve studied and practiced mastering, have a nice pair of studio reference monitors, and a more powerful DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), I’m almost there. The only missing element is good acoustic panels. Acoustic panels are a necessary part of any audio mastering environment. My studio is great to begin with, not a lot of resonance to be heard. However I do have to tame some frequencies in the spectrum, and that’s where the acoustic panels come in.

I did get something new for my studio recently, however, a wedding anniversary gift from my wife. Want to know what it is? RGB LED lights with a control unit so I can set the lighting mood for any song I’m working on. Angry song? RED! An arid desert inspired theme? Yellow/Orange. Cool vibes? BLUE! I love this thing!! With that, I close this entry for today but before I do…an image below of my lighting system engaged during a late night recording session.

Late night recording with mood lighting.

Late night recording with mood lighting.

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