Fair Gemstone Album: Release Imminent

Lots to catch up on, but it is super late, well super early actually so I’ll cut to the chase. Fair Gemstone is about to be released. Behold the album cover.

The tracks went to mastering a couple of weeks ago in the very skilled hands of Barry Gardner of Safe and Sound Mastering. He gave me homework to do each night which involved making minor adjustments to my mixes and then sending them back. Within a week, all the tracks have been mastered. Presently they are off to distribution via CDBaby. The album will be just about everywhere…iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, Youtube Music and much more.

This album was a lot of work, and I was sure to keep a promise to myself from the beginning. “Do everything about this album right.” Worked on my mixes, had it professionally mastered, licensed album art, the whole nine. I look forward to sharing this album with all of you.


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