New Song from the upcoming album…

Progress on my upcoming album Fair Gemstone is going well. I have plenty of tracks to choose from, but I need to take the time to do the mastering process on each song. I really want to make sure I do everything right with this album, so I will not be releasing tracks from the album until I am 100% done with it.

However, I do want to give you guys and girls a taste of the album, so here is Agnus Deus.

An enigmatic sound of Gregorian choir, lush strings, downtempo, an ethereal female soloist…a journey in and of itself. Play this track and just relaaaaax. From my upcoming new album.





Just Married!

I am pleased to announce that my fiance and I tied the knot last Friday April 4th, 2014 🙂

Angie and I started dating about 4 and a half years ago and since then we have weathered the storms (metaphoric and literal), learned from each other and laughed with each other each day.

I couldn’t be happier!

The Orchestral Project is now available! Free album download!

I am proud to present to you, ‘The Orchestral Project’, an album that has both challenged me and enriched me like no other. This album has been a dream in the making for quite some time. Enjoy. This album is a free download. All the best, Michael Movestro Download here…

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